Kent County Probation Employees of the Quarter

Lodge 10 would like to congratulate SPO Karol Ann Shyers and SPO Brian Payton for being named as the employees of the quarter for Kent County Probation.  These two officers played an instrumental role in a lifesaving situation June 20, 2017 while conducting field work in the community.

On 6/20/2017 at approximately 14:17 hours, SPO Shyers and SPO Payton were conducting community home visits in the Town of Felton. SPO Shyers and Payton were in the development of Hidden Pond traveling northbound on Erin Avenue when they observed several children run from the side of 95 North Erin Avenue. Both Officers observed an adult female on the corner yelling, jumping up and down, and waving her arms.   Shyers and Payton stopped to find out what the problem was. They heard the woman screaming “HELP ME” and she began frantically pointing at the driveway on the side of the house. As the Officers looked where the woman was pointing, a male could be seen lying face down in the driveway next to and partially under a minivan. The fallen male was making jerking body movements when Officers first observed him. The Officers quickly exited their vehicle and approached the male.  He was immediately was checked for responsiveness by both Officers tapping him on the shoulders and asking "Sir, can you hear us…are you alright?"  The Officers quickly contacted 911 to advise them of medical emergency and location. The Officers checked the male for a pulse and none was detected.  The male was rolled onto his back so that a further assessment could be made by both Officers. Again no pulse was detected. The male’s eyes were open and in a fixed stare and he would make a gasping action with his mouth but no active breathing. Officers then began to perform CPR, and the cell phone was put on speaker so that 911 could still be connected and communicated with until EMS arrived. SPO Shyers then began 30 chest compressions followed by 2 rescue breaths for 3 rounds. SPO Payton then took over compressions and began a round of 30 compressions while SPO Shyers delivered the 2 rescue breaths. 911 then advised to switch to 100 compression and 2 rescue breaths. SPO Payton administered the first round of 100 compressions while SPO Shyers delivered the 2 rescue breaths. As the second round of 100 compressions got to 28 Felton Fire Company EMS arrived on scene followed by 2 Kent County Paramedics and Felton Police. At that time the Felton EMS and Kent County Paramedics took over the care of the male and transported him and his wife to Kent General Hospital. As of today, the male is alive and at Kent General Hospital in ICU.  Because of their bravery and dedication, a life was saved.