Media Release

FOP Lodge 10 proudly supports the courageous men and women serving as Delaware Probation Officers. On behalf of our members, we find it necessary to respond to the recent news articles regarding alleged murder suspect and active probationer Keith Gibbson.  Sadly, the national trend of placing blame on law enforcement officers for the heinous acts committed by criminals, which is based on inaccurate and misapplied information, is on full display in the Gibbson case.  We are also disturbed that some news outlets found it necessary to expose our officers by name. 


In the Criminal Justice world, there are no winners, and no do-overs.  The horrendous cold-blooded murders committed over the past few weeks shocked and concerned us all.  It is true that on April 27th the alleged perpetrator, Keith Gibbson, appeared for sentencing before Judge Medinilla on a Violation of Probation stemming from a 2008 Manslaughter conviction.  The outcome of that hearing resulted in his release weeks ago, and it is important to place any fault with the proper party, the alleged murderer himself. 

At the time of sentencing, after several continuances, all that Probation and Parole could prove in court was that Mr. Gibbson left the state of Delaware to go to Philadelphia.  He had not been charged with any new crimes, nor was there information that charges were coming soon. The Public Defender did their job and advocated for their client.  We do not have the ability to see into the future.  The Probation Officer, the Public Defender, and The Judge would never want to let someone go free to commit new crimes or victims.  But our great judicial system is not set up to punish for what you might do, but for what you have done.  It is designed to consider only what can be proven, and that was that Mr. Gibbson left the State of Delaware without permission. 

Let this serve as a warning to those pushing extreme bail reform, lessening of sentences, and hindering police and probation officers from doing their jobs.  We, The FOP, believe the focus of this case should be on the victims of Mr. Gibbson's heinous acts.  We are here to serve and protect the citizens of this great state.  The rate of violent crime is on the rise, and the members of FOP Lodge 10 remain committed to a pro-active partnership in the discussions and the dedicated efforts to find solutions.  

In closing and most importantly, FOP Lodge 10 sends our prayers, respect, and support to the victims and grieving families impacted by Mr. Gibbson's criminal behavior.   Please know that we stand with you and seek justice in these cases.